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5 questions to ask at your venue tours

It's step number one.... you need a place to host your wedding. Which means it's time for venue tours! You've done your research, you've figured out which venues are in your budget and a location of your choice, and now you need to go see them.

First off, I recommend visiting a venue before booking it (if you can). It's important to see how the space flows, learn what's included (and more importantly, not included) and get an overall feel for it. All of this is hard to do from behind the computer screen.

And secondly, once you are in the space or you are talking with a venue representative, here is a list of questions I recommend to add to your list!

Can I use any vendors I wish? Do you have a list I have to choose from?

Do you have tables, chairs, linens, etc that we can use? If so, is this an added charge or included in the site fee?

When can we get into the space to start set-up? When can guests arrive? When does the party have to end? When does clean up have to end?

How many weddings do you host in a day?

What is the fee schedule - deposits, payments, final payments, etc.? What are your cancellation or rescheduling policies?

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