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What is the difference between a wedding coordinator and a wedding planner?

A wedding coordinator is the best fit for couples who have the vision, resources and excitement to plan the majority of their wedding but need a professional to step in prior to the event to execute all of these plans. With this approach, you can be fully hands on during the early stages and then have the peace of mind to hand everything over when it's time. A wedding planner is the best fit for a couple who has a vision, but needs help executing all aspects of bringing this vision to life. 

Why should I hire a professional wedding coordinator instead of just having a friend help me?

This is probably the most frequent question that we get asked and the answer is simple. Hiring a wedding coordinator ensures that your friends and family are relaxed, filling themselves with good food, tearing it up on the dance floor and celebrating you - instead of setting up tables and chairs and making sure the toasts happen at the right time. We are professionals. We do this for a living. Once you hand things over to us, we become your behind the scenes support to make sure that you (and your family and friends!) can relax and not think twice. We will ensure that everyone has a good experience at your wedding. And don’t just take our word for it – hear from our past clients about their experience and why they loved working with Jillian Jensen Events..

How do I know which coordinator I will be working with for my wedding?

During your initial inquiry, we will let you know which of our coordinators are currently available for your wedding day. After hearing a little more about your wedding plans, we will tell you which coordinator we feel will be the best fit for you. It is our goal to ensure that you are working with someone who fits your personality, wedding style and event needs! 

I need help with finding vendors. Do you have connections and recommendations?

Yes! We have built amazing relationships with vendors here in Colorado during our time in business. If you are interested in vendor recommendations, we can absolutely provide those for you. We also offer a vendor search service, in which we will provide custom vendor recommendations for you in each category you need, schedule meetings for you, and help look over final contracts to ensure you are getting the best price, value and service.

Do you coordinate weddings all over Colorado? Do you have a travel fee?

Yes! We are open to travel anywhere! We find that most of our weddings take place in the greater Denver area, Summit County and Vail Valley. We do request a hotel stay for weddings more than an hour and a half from our home base in Lafayette, CO - that is the only travel fee you can expect to see. We don't charge for mileage or travel time.

I'm getting married in Colorado, but I don't live there. Can I still work with you?

Of course! Colorado is such a popular destination wedding location. In fact, nearly half of our past clients don't live here! If you are living out of state, we will spend a lot of time talking with you over the phone, video chatting, and meeting with you when you are in town. We can be your boots on the ground here in the Colorado as well - attending vendor meetings, venue visits, etc.

My venue comes with a venue coordinator. What's the difference between you and them?

We love venue coordinators! We are not here to step on their toes. We will be working together with them to make your event run smoothly. However, the difference is simple - they work for the venue and we work for you. We will be monitoring your needs throughout the event, making sure that your voice is heard, ensuring that everything you planned is getting executed exactly the way you wanted it to.  

Do you coordinate more than one wedding per day?

No! Each of our Lead Wedding Coordinators only coordinate one wedding per weekend. This means you can rest assured that we are focused on you and you alone during your walk-through, rehearsal and on the day of your wedding.

Other questions?

Please reach out to us and we will be happy to answer any additional questions that you have!

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