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These are voicemails you won't want to delete! Introducing our enchanting Audio Guestbook Rental—a vintage rotary phone that weaves nostalgic charm into your special day. Your guests pickup the handset, hear your greeting and leave a message after the beep. Let your wedding guests step back in time as they share heartfelt messages for you! Each sentimental message is delicately captured and stored within the phone. As the celebration concludes, we breathe modern magic into the past, converting those cherished moments into a curated digital file. Relive the joy, the tears, and the laughter from your big day over and over again. A truly unforgettable audio memoir!


In addition to the rotary phone, you get to pick from our collection of beautifully curated displays. All displays come with a CUSTOM sign made by Jillian!


VINTAGE ROTARY PHONE | easy to use vintage white OR black rotary phone for rent. Your guests just pick up the phone, listen to your greeting and record after the beep! 

UNLIMITED MESSAGES | your guests' voice messages are stored directly on the phone

BATTERY PACK INCLUDED | no plug or WiFi needed makes this a very easy addition to any location at your event!

CUSTOM GREETING MESSAGE | you get to record your very own greeting that each guest will hear when they pick up the phone!

CHOOSE YOUR DISPLAY | choose from 1 of 4 different custom displays that come with your phone. Some of the signs are even customizable to include your name!

DIGITAL RECORDINGS  | within 14 days after your event (after recieving the phone back), we will e-mail you with a file of all of your loved one's recordings. Mailed USBs are available for purchase.

SET UP BY OUR TEAM FOR JILLIAN JENSEN EVENTS CLIENTS | If you are already a Jillian Jensen Events client, we will set this up and take it down along with the rest of your decor. If you want to use it at our welcome party, we can give it to you at the rehearsal as well!

4 DAY RENTAL FOR NON-JILLIAN JENSEN EVENTS CLIENTS | do you want to use the phone for multiple events? No problem! Pick up and drop off is at our Longmont office if you are not a Jillian Jensen Events client.



Your Audio Guestbook rental includes:

Phone (white or black) and charged battery pack

Custom display package (choose from 4 options)

Custom signage with names

Digital recordings e-mailed within 14 days after we receive the phone back

You pick up and drop off the phone at our Longmont, Colorado office

Up to a 4 day rental (non-Jillian Jensen Events clients)


Optional add-ons: 

Additional rental days... $33.00 per day

Additional signs... $15.00 each

Mailed USB of audio files... $26.00

Rush delivery of audio files (within 5 business days after)... $96.00

Current Jillian Jensen Events clients receive a 20% off the total price

SHIPPING CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE: Please note that we are currently only offering a pick up option for our phones and are not shipping them.  If you are a Jillian Jensen Events client, we will bring the phone to your event with us.

If you are not a Jillian Jensen Events client, you are able to pick up the phone at our Longmont, Colorado office and return 4 calendar days later (unless additional rental days are purchased).

Rent the phone or ask questions!
Phone color preference
What display package do you like the most?
Are you interested in any add-ons?
How would you like to receive the phone?

Thank you for your interest in renting our Audio Guestbook! We will be in touch shortly.


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