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Who can legally marry a couple in Colorado?

One of my favorite things about Colorado is that we have lots of options when it comes to who can legally marry a couple! The following individuals are recognized by the state as officiants:

  1. Ordained Ministers and Religious Officials:

  2. Judges and Magistrates:

  3. Public Officials:

  4. Retired Judges:

  5. Clergy from Recognized Religious Societies:

  6. Couple can act as their own officiants:

It's important to note that Colorado recognizes marriages performed by ministers, priests, and other religious leaders from out-of-state, provided they are ordained or recognized according to the rules of their respective religious organizations.

Before the wedding, it's advisable to check with the county clerk's office where the marriage license will be obtained to ensure that the chosen officiant is legally authorized to perform the ceremony. Couples should also confirm any additional requirements or paperwork that may be needed for their specific situation.

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