A few notes before you open the PDF...

  • Remember to think about the event from both your perspective and your guest perspective through each part of the day.

  • Make sure that the first part of the reception keeps moving and you don’t delay things like toasts, cake cutting and first dances too much. If these things take too long your guests will get very antsy. 

  • Your photographer will likely encourage you to do a First Look because it does help with the amount of time needed post-ceremony for photos. Don’t feel like this is a MUST, but it is a good way to keep everything moving! If you don’t do a first look, photos of you can be taken post-ceremony. 

  • Be sure to consult with your coordinator, venue, photographer and DJ about the timeline before it is set in stone. 

  • If possible, have 2-3 hours for your vendors to set-up. This will be dependent upon the restrictions set forth by your venue. 

  • Leave an hour for clean up at the end of the night. Usually your vendors will take 30-45 minutes to clean up but you don’t want to be slapped with extra charges! 

  • Remember that this is fully customizable, so don’t feel like you must do things in these order! You can move whatever you want around.


A few notes before you open the PDF...

  • This is a sample To Do List and may not encompass everything that you'll do during the planning process. Please use this as a guide as you need but add your own steps as well!

  • The notes in the beginning regarding budget are from our own planning experience. Prices of services vary greatly depending on your needs and the vendors you choose. Again, please use this as a guide but know your final budget may look different. • call or text 720.689.5161 • PO Box 531, Lafayette, CO 80026

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