What to expect at your final walk through

The time has finally come to have your final venue wedding walk through! This is typically going to happen about one month out from your wedding. In this blog post, we are going to give you some tips and tricks for the walk through, questions to ask and what to expect.

Be prepared

When you show up to go through your final walk through there is a lot of excitement and information being thrown around. Sometimes this meeting can be a little overwhelming and stressful, but we are hoping that the information below will prepare you for everything you can expect. This is such a wonderful time to get all your questions answered and roll out all last-minute details with everyone in one area.

To do ahead of time

  • Polish all of the planning that you have been working on and write out any questions that you have when reviewing all the details. (Specifying which questions, you have for each individual vendor will help guide the conversations during the meeting.)

  • Have all your paperwork organized from each vendor so it is quick to reference and review. (Having the paperwork in a folder or online is best.)

  • Have the day-of wedding timeline out and as finalized as possible so you are able to find any problems or changes that need to be addressed

Who will be at the walk through

  • You, the couple getting married

  • The venue coordinator

  • Your wedding coordinator or planner

  • Catering Lead

  • Other vendors who would like to be there (especially if they have to measure, have never been to the space, etc)

What you should bring with you

  • Copies of all contracts

  • Room layout with measurements & current floor plan

  • List of tasks you have created for vendors and venue manager

Topics to cover in the meeting

Your venue manager, coordinator and catering manager will mostly run the meeting. However, here are the topics you'll cover together:

  • Finalized Wedding Day Timeline

  • Finalized Floor Plan (Flow of any changes)

  • Final review of all rentals (Updated based on the gust count)

  • Planner set up list (Center Pieces, Table Set Up, etc.)

  • End of the night outline (Gifts, Transportation, Alcohol, Personal Items)