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Unique food ideas for your wedding day

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Struggling with your menu and how to make your wedding food stand out? Here are some fun ideas that I've gathered over my years as a wedding planner!

Late night snacks are a must! Every drunk wedding guest will be slurring a thank you so much when pizza or mini grilled cheese sandwiches hit the dance floor at 10:00pm. Some fun ideas:

  • Pizza ordered in from your favorite local pizza place

  • Small quartered sandwiches like grilled cheese or PB&J

  • Pretzel bites with dipping sauces

  • French fries. That's it... just a pile of french fries.

Ice cream cart or truck to give your guests and interactive dessert experience. Hire a local ice cream truck to drive your wedding venue and serve around dessert time. Some ice cream shops can also bring a bike cart if your venue doesn't have a great parking option.

Colidron Photography

Popcorn machine that turns on late night so your guests can walk up and get a small bag of popcorn between dancing. Just make sure you clear this with your venue because it can get messy on the floor!

S'mores station (either inside or outside)! This isn't always an option in Colorado since we often have summer fire bans, but there are also some creative indoor stations that you can DIY or hire out to give your guests a fun dessert option.

ML Photo & Film

An espresso cart instead of a traditional coffee station is a fun way to spruce up the options if you have a big coffee-drinking crowd! Check out Bill with the Espresso Affair if you're here in Colorado!

Pancakes and waffles... Brunch buffet surprise! Instead of serving chicken or beef, why not swap it out with breakfast for dinner? It doesn't matter if you're having a night wedding... breakfast can be any time!

Tobais Skinner Photography

Grazing stations all around your venue for people to pick and choose what food they want. If you do more of an open style eating options (as opposed to a traditional sit down meal or standard buffet), just make sure you add a little bit more time in your timeline for dinner as people often go up for seconds (or thirds!) in this style. Some fun grazing stations I've seen are a street taco bar, make your own mac and cheese, and sushi bar!

Traveling food and beverage service like passed appetizers or a beer llama are fun ways to keep your guests moving around the space. They can just grab what they want when the server (or llama) walks by. It also makes for some really great photo ops.

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