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Kid-free weddings... and how to tell your guests

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Planning a child-free wedding can be a personal choice for various reasons, such as the venue's limitations or the desire for a more adult-focused celebration. However, communicating this decision to your guests, especially those with children, requires sensitivity and tact. Here are some of my tips for the best way to approach this!

Address the Invitations Properly

When addressing the wedding invitations, make it clear who is specifically invited. Address the envelope to the parents or adult guests only. For example, write "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" instead of "The Smith Family." This subtle detail indicates that the invitation is extended to the adults only.

Include a Note on the RSVP Card

To avoid any confusion, include a note on the RSVP card or a separate enclosure card politely indicating that the event is an adult-only affair. For instance, you can write, "We kindly request that this is an adult-only celebration. We hope you understand and can join us in celebrating this special day."

Personalize a Wedding Website

If you have a wedding website, use it as a platform to convey important details about your celebration. Create a dedicated page where you can explain your decision for a child-free event and provide additional information about local childcare options or recommendations for babysitters. If you don't know anything local, be sure to ask your wedding planner or other vendors!

Communicate Personally

For close family and friends with children, consider having a personal conversation to explain your decision. Reach out to them individually and express your excitement about their presence at the wedding while kindly explaining that the event is intended for adults only. Emphasize your desire to have an intimate and adult-focused celebration and offer alternatives for childcare if possible.

Offer a Post-Wedding Celebration

If you want to involve children in the celebration but prefer to keep the wedding itself child-free, consider planning a post-wedding gathering or family-friendly event. This can be a casual brunch, picnic, or fun outing where children are welcome. Communicate this alternative celebration to your guests, reassuring them that you value their presence and want to include the entire family in a separate setting.

Be Prepared for Questions and Concerns

Some guests may have questions or concerns about your child-free policy. Be prepared to address them with grace and understanding. Explain your reasons calmly and emphasize that your intention is to create an atmosphere that allows all guests, including parents, to relax and enjoy the wedding without distractions.

Most importantly... Stick to Your Decision

Once you have communicated your child-free policy, it's important to remain consistent. Avoid making exceptions for certain guests, as this can create confusion and hurt feelings. Consistency is key to maintaining a fair and balanced approach to your wedding guest list!

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