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How to honor passed loved ones on your wedding day

As you approach your wedding day, you may be feeling a big hole in your heart. If you are someone who has loved ones who have passed away and cannot attend your wedding day, there are some wonderful ways that you can honor them. Here are a few of the favorites that I've seen.

Sew photos and mementos into your wedding day outfits

Fabric from someone's wedding gown, a swatch of a special shirt, or photos are things you can add to your dress or suit to have with you the whole wedding day.

Generations of wedding photos

Collect wedding photos from generations past and display them at a table in your reception. Guests love looking back in time and this is a great way to incorporate many people who are no longer with us.

Display special items that belonged to your loved ones

For example, this bride brought her grandmother's bible and a photo of her to put out at the ceremony.

Place flowers on a chair during the ceremony

Ask your florist for a few extra flower stems and place these on a chair in the front row for the ceremony. You can even add a little sign indicating who the flowers are for.

Memorial candles and photos

Place a few photos of your loved ones next to a candle that is lit throughout your reception. A small sign that says "in loving memory" is a great addition to a table like this.

Add a special charm to your bouquet

Hand-make a charm or purchase one on Etsy and include a little photo of your special people. This charm was actually mine on my wedding day that had photos of my grandparents who'd passed on or couldn't attend.

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