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VIDEO: How to create a wedding timeline

I'm so excited to bring you the first video in my blog! Today I'm turning things around and showing you my computer screen. You get to watch me build a full wedding timeline. This is the exact method that I use when I build all of my clients' timelines, so be sure to take notes and then if you want a PDF version of this timeline, shoot me an e-mail - or DM me on Instagram (@jillianjensenevents) with your info and I'll shoot it over to you.

What you'll learn in this video:

  • Where I like to start when building a timeline

  • Important things to include and think about when building the timeline

  • What order of events I start with

  • Why it's important to be flexible when starting your timeline

  • Who you need to send this to before it's finalized

  • Some quick tips and tricks that I've gained after creating over 100 of these myself

Please also note that the example I'm using in this video is for a bride/groom couple and I include some standard wedding tradition elements, however this timeline can be translated to couples of all types!

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