Grand Exit and Send Off ideas for your Colorado wedding

Did you get the news from your venue that they are not allowing sparklers for your grand exit or send off? Looking for new ideas you can use to celebrate in lieu of this? You're not alone!

In Colorado, most places do not allow the use of sparklers because of fire bans (read: we are a very dry climate so the risk is too great). This means that couples need to get creative with things that are environmentally friendly, easy to clean up, and show up well on camera (of course). Don’t stress, because we have a couple of tricks up our sleeve for you to be able to have the perfect sendoff you have always dreamed of while still following protocol. Below you will find a list of 10 wonderful ideas for wedding send offs as well as information to where you can purchase the items needed.

As always - please check with your venue to ensure that any of these options follow their individual guidelines and policies.

Biodegradable Confetti

A splash of color with some fun shapes is the perfect grand exit you have always dreamed of. Biodegradable confetti. You can purchase this in bulk online and it comes in a variety of colors to match your wedding.

Wilton Streamers

Castner Photography

I'm sure you've seen that streamers aren't allowed in your send off at your venue... but these ones probably are because everything STAYS ATTACHED! Yup. It's magic. You'll get covered in streamers but the clean up is so easy since nothing gets loose. One of my favorites.

Rose Petals

Tossing flowers is not just for the flower girl: everyone can be a part of this. This is a beautiful classic grad exit. Check with your florist to see if they are able to provide additional rose petals (or any flower you want!). Just be sure to request that these are already removed from stems because you don't want to be pulling petals off in a rush before the exit.


Balloon send offs are the new trend in the wedding world! You are able to do this day or night wishing the couple well on their next adventure. Guests won't let the balloons go, but instead will hold the helium-filled beauties as you walk out in your exit. Light from the photographer will bounce off of these beautifully and provide a really cool scene. Ask your guests to hold them at different heights to add some intrigue to the photos. You can also purchase balloons that have LEDs in them to make sure they show up at night.

Nicole Lenzen Photography


An oldy but a goody. Bubbles are a wonderful way to capture a sparkle of fun and little to zero clean up! Use this as a send off at night or a post-ceremony photo op during the light hours. Be sure to check with your photgraohper to make sure they're confident in capturing bubbles on camera because it can be tricky.

LED Fiber-Optic Wands