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Grand entrance ideas and tips

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

You will likely hear the term "Grand Entrance" when you start building your wedding timeline. Your DJ may be the first one to ask you if you want one of these. So what the heck is a grand entrance? Do you HAVE to do one? What flexibility is there when planning the entrance?

What is a "grand entrance" anyway?

It's the first time you'll be entering a space as a married couple is what it is! Many people choose to make this grand by having themselves officially announced to their entire wedding.

Who traditionally gets announced during a grand entrance?

Traditionally it is wedding party and the newlyweds that get announced. However, I've seen parents and siblings added in there often as well. If you stick with the traditional, you would have parents/family announced first, bridal party next (either individually, as pairs, or as a whole group) and then the newlyweds (that's YOU!).

What ideas are there to make this a fun part of the reception?

If you choose to do a grand entrance, this will be the official kick off to the reception portion of your wedding day. So use this time to set the tone for the event and, as always, make sure it matches you and your personality! Some fun ideas that my past clients have done are:

  • Switch up the order and have the newlyweds announced first. Then they take the mic and introduce their wedding party themselves!

  • Bridal party uses props when entering. Guests love this unexpected touch!

  • Each bridal party pairing does a funny choreographed dance (yes, it's been done a lot... but it's a standby for a reason!)

  • Bridal party members make a tunnel as they enter and when the newlyweds are announced, they get to walk through the tunnel! Works great with a larger party.

  • Couple dresses in a funny costume for when they are announced.

  • Instead of using sparklers/poppers/bubbles/etc at the grand exit, use them now for the grand entrance!

So, do I have to do this at my wedding?

If you read through all of that and are thinking I hate that all... that is completely OK! Many of my couples opt to not do a grand entrance and the timeline still flows perfectly. I recommend in place of a grand entrance to still add something that signifies the start of the reception. For example, a welcome toast given by a parent or the couple themselves.

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